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Patient Testimonials

He is probably one of the most amazing orthopedic surgeon, he did my shoulder and no issues. Straight forward guy and caring

C brush

The staff in this office is amazing. From Grace in the front to the support staff to Dr. Simpson herself. I feel Dr. Simpson is professional, really listens to questions and concerns. My experience with her is hands down the best. She handled my broken ankle with care. One of the best orthopedic doctors I've seen. Thank you Dr. Simpson, and staff you guys are amazing!

C Clarke

I am very impressed with Cascade Orthopaedic Group. From the time I entered the office, the staff was so friendly! Dr. Dawson explained everything, regarding my impending total knee replacement. He listened to my concerns regarding possible post medication issues and tweaked them before surgery. Thankfully I had no issues with nausea or vomiting after surgery and during my healing process. And he even found time in his busy schedule to meet and explain my recoup needs with my coaches (aka my sister and cousin). I am healing beyond my expectations, and my PT's goals, for 8 1/2 weeks since surgery! I have already shared Dr. Dawson's name with a friend who's husband needs total knee replacement. If you have joint issues, this is the place to go! Thank you Dr. Dawson!! I'll see you when the next knee decides to go out on me :-)). For anyone going through these surgeries, stay positive!

N Gingerich

Dr. Dawson did an amazing job surgically fixing my knee! After multiple dislocations over the years, he performed a Medial Patellafemoral Ligament Reconstruction. Everything went fabulous and recovery was better than I'd anticipated.

Surgery was performed at Oregon Surgical Institute and I cannot recommend it highly enough! An absolute perfect operation (no pun intended)! All the staff were very knowledgeable, professional, efficient and kind. I would definitely use them again!

J Sapp

We are very satisfied with Dr. Dawson surgery on my son’s shoulder. Being a student athlete we wanted to understand the options and Dr. Dawson Gave us all the details and explanations so we felt sure of our decision. The whole process went professionally and smoothly and on top of that the staff is great and super friendly. Would definitely recommend.

C Guevara

Dr. Dawson is absolutely extraordinary, and he did an incredible job fixing my broken arm and my trashed knee due to an accident this past summer. Dr. Dawson performed two separate surgeries on me within three weeks of each other, and the whole time he was GREAT at explaining to me what he needed to do and what would happen post surgeries with my recuperation. Everything happened exactly as he explained to me and I knew what to expect. Because of him, my arm and my knee are as solid as they were before my accident!!

Dr. Dawson is a phenomenal surgeon. Months after my surgeries I can't even tell I EVER had a broken arm or a damaged knee which required a full ACL knee replacement and meniscus repairs. In addition to being an outstanding surgeon, Dr. Dawson has a way of explaining the procedures in such a way that I knew what would happen in the surgeries and in the aftermath of my surgeries. I truly truly can't recommend Dr. Dawson highly enough... He was so kind and patient with me throughout the whole process, he explained everything so I knew exactly what to expect, and he performed the surgeries flawlessly and now I'm totally healed. THANK YOU THANK YOU Dr. Dawson!!!

K Ruffer

Dr. Dawson and his entire staff were amazing. He explained my surgery in layman's terms and answered my questions regarding side effects, prescriptions and outcome with factual data. He presented all the options that were available to me, with no pressure to have surgery.

The doctor also understood the coverage my insurance provider offered. His office staff was wonderful; they were efficient, courteous and punctual. I was given a timeline and the scheduling was done for me. I had a remarkable recovery.

A O'Donnell

Dr. Dawson handled a tnicky rotator cuff tear and shoulder repair procedure for me, and he did an excellent job. I am approximately six months out fnom the surgery, and my shoulder is recovering nicely. Dr. Dawson's surgical expertise and excellent follow-up and advice made my recovery possible. He is a fine surgeon and a supen person. I highly recommend Dr. Dawson!

G Cruz